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Belfast, a growing suburb of Christchurch in New Zealand, has become an attractive location for those seeking to purchase sections of land. With its proximity to the Waimakariri River and light industry, as well as the Belfast School which has been open since 1878, this area offers a unique blend of rural charm and modern convenience. The adoption of the Belfast Area Plan by the Christchurch City Council in 2010 has ensured that urban growth is managed in a sustainable way while preserving the environmental values of the area.

As demand for land increases with population growth and development opportunities, sections for sale in Belfast have become highly sought-after commodities. This article will provide an overview of what is currently available on the market, including new subdivisions and showhomes that can be explored by potential buyers.

Additionally, we will offer tips for purchasing bare land in Belfast to help interested parties make informed decisions about their investment. Whether you are looking to build your dream home or establish a business presence in this growing area, understanding the options available to you can help ensure success and satisfaction with your purchase.

Key Takeaways

– Belfast is an area in the north of Christchurch, New Zealand, named after Belfast in Northern Ireland, and also known as North Road District, Seven Mile Peg, Styx, or Purarekanui (Māori name).
– It is identified as one of two areas for accommodating future urban growth and development within greater Christchurch, with the Belfast Study area covering 1349 hectares, including 284 hectares of area zoned urban, 756 hectares rural, 172 hectares industrial, and 103 hectares zoned open space.
– The Belfast Area Plan is a long-term plan adopted by Christchurch City Council in 2010 that seeks to manage urban growth in the area, identify development opportunities, and provide a framework for managing the effects of growth while ensuring environmental values of Belfast are maintained.
– Belfast has a population of 4,490 (June 2022), with a population density of 751 people/km, a proportion of people born overseas at 17.0%, and a mix of ethnicities and religions represented. It also has a contributing primary school, a rugby club, and houses light industry in its northern end.

Overview of Land for Sale in Belfast

The current subtopic focuses on an overview of the land for sale in Belfast, which is an area identified for accommodating future urban growth and development within greater Christchurch and has a population of 4,490 people.

For those interested in purchasing land in Belfast, there are various buying options available to suit different needs. The land sizes range from small sections to large acreages, providing potential buyers with flexibility in choosing their ideal property.

Location advantages also add value to the land for sale in Belfast. Being situated north of Christchurch and close to Waimakariri River offers residents easy access to outdoor recreational activities such as fishing and boating. Additionally, the proximity to Northwood Supa Centre provides convenient shopping options for daily necessities.

Investment potential is another factor that makes buying land in Belfast attractive. With its identified status as an area for future urban growth, investing now in land could potentially yield significant returns over time. However, it is important to note that building restrictions may apply depending on the specific location of the purchased land.

Moving forward into new subdivisions in Belfast, prospective homeowners can explore further opportunities for residential development within this growing community.

New Subdivisions in Belfast

This section will discuss the new subdivisions in Belfast, namely the Belfast Subdivision, Spring Grove and Johns Road Subdivisions.

These subdivisions reflect the area plan for accommodating future urban growth and development within greater Christchurch.

The developments are expected to provide a range of housing options that cater to different lifestyles while ensuring that environmental values are maintained.

Belfast Subdivision

Located in Christchurch’s sought after northern corridor, the Belfast Subdivision offers 252 residential lots within an approximately 16.9 ha site area developed by Infinity Investment Group, which includes a mix of semi-rural and convenient amenities such as a Countdown supermarket and future medical centre.

The site is located in the already established suburb of Belfast, which is approximately 9km north of the Christchurch CBD and 14km northeast of Christchurch International Airport.

The development includes both commercial and residential developments, with a consent retirement village to be built. The developer has a history of developing high-quality, value-added real estate across the South Island of New Zealand.

Interested parties are encouraged to enquire for more information about land availability, zoning regulations, infrastructure development, environmental impact, and community consultation processes.

In the subsequent section about Spring Grove, we will explore another new subdivision in close proximity to Belfast.

Spring Grove

Situated in a semi-rural setting, Spring Grove development is an attractive option for those seeking the comfort of community living while enjoying the benefits of city amenities. The development is managed and built by Mike Greer Homes, offering affordable home and land packages with consistent quality workmanship and design throughout the four stages of development.

Prospective homeowners can personalize their home with colors, fixtures, and fittings from reputable brands to suit their taste and budget. Beyond its affordable prices for high-quality homes, Spring Grove also boasts easy access to popular recreational areas and golf courses as well as being in close proximity to Christchurch International Airport and shopping malls.

Residents can enjoy community events in Belfast or venture out to explore other destinations conveniently accessible from this location. Future plans for Spring Grove include continued professional landscaping, native plantings accentuating the site’s beauty, among others.

With all these features that make it a desirable location for prospective homeowners, it is no wonder that Spring Grove has become a popular choice in the housing market in Belfast. For those interested in exploring more options within this area, Johns Road Subdivision could be worth considering next.

Johns Road Subdivision

The Johns Road subdivision in Christchurch’s Belfast area is currently undergoing significant infrastructure development, including earthworks, stormwater and wastewater management, electrical and data/comms networks, roading networks, footpaths, landscaping, and lighting. The project encompasses a land area of 10 hectares and includes residential sections, a primary school, and a commercial subdivision.

This development has the potential to impact the environment in the region significantly. Thus it is essential that community involvement is incorporated into the planning process to ensure that environmental impacts are minimized. Additionally, zoning regulations must be adhered to strictly during construction to maintain property values in the surrounding areas.

Overall this development project provides an opportunity for growth within the Belfast area while ensuring sustainable practices are implemented throughout its lifespan. With this groundwork laid out for development in Belfast’s Johns Road Subdivision Area Plan, exploring showhomes in Belfast can provide an insight into what future residents may expect from their new home environments.

Exploring Showhomes in Belfast

Exploring the showhomes available in Belfast provides a valuable opportunity to gain insight into the modern housing options for first-home buyers, families, professionals, retirees or investors within this growing community. Design trends showcased in these showhomes highlight how contemporary architecture combines with functional living spaces to create comfortable and stylish homes. Builders review each home’s construction quality and provide insights into what makes them stand out among other options.

Visitors to these showhomes also get a chance to observe interior styles and home decor choices that are popular among contemporary homeowners. From minimalist designs with clean lines and neutral colors to more eclectic styles that incorporate bold patterns and textures, there is something on display for every taste. Additionally, landscaping ideas showcased in these homes demonstrate how outdoor spaces can be transformed into tranquil retreats perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests.

When considering purchasing land in Belfast, it is essential to have a clear idea of what kind of house you want to build. Showhomes offer an excellent starting point for exploring different design possibilities while providing valuable insights into construction quality, interior design trends, landscaping ideas and more. By taking advantage of this opportunity to explore modern housing options at showhomes in Belfast, potential homeowners can make informed decisions about their future dream home.

Tips for Buying Bare Land in Belfast

Having explored showhomes in Belfast, the next step for potential property owners is to consider buying bare land. This option presents exciting opportunities for buyers to build their dream homes from scratch and create a unique living space tailored to their preferences. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges that require careful consideration before making any investment decisions.

Firstly, it is essential to understand the legal requirements and zoning regulations that govern land ownership and development in Belfast. The Christchurch City Council has set out clear guidelines on issues such as minimum section sizes, building heights, and setback distances. Buyers must be aware of these regulations before purchasing land to avoid costly legal battles or delays in project completion.

Secondly, land preparation is an important factor to consider when buying bare land in Belfast. Potential buyers need to assess the site’s topography, soil quality, drainage systems, and other environmental considerations before proceeding with any construction work. Proper planning can help minimize risks associated with unexpected costs or damage during construction.

Finally, financing options are crucial when investing in bare land purchases. While some buyers may have cash reserves or equity available for purchasing land outright; others may require financing through bank loans or mortgages. It is essential to research various financing options available and choose one that best suits your financial situation while minimizing risk exposure.

Overall, buying bare land requires careful planning and consideration of various factors such as legal requirements, zoning regulations, land preparation needs, environmental considerations, and financing options. By taking time to evaluate these factors properly beforehand; potential buyers can make informed decisions about purchasing bare lands within the vibrant community of Belfast.

Summing Up Sections for Sale in Belfast

In conclusion, Belfast has emerged as a thriving suburb in Christchurch with a growing population and rapidly developing infrastructure. The area’s proximity to the Waimakariri River, light industry, and excellent educational facilities make it an attractive location for families and businesses alike. With the adoption of the Belfast Area Plan by the Christchurch City Council in 2010, there is a clear vision for managing urban growth while preserving environmental values.

The availability of sections for sale in Belfast presents an exciting opportunity for those looking to invest in property or build their dream home. However, buying bare land requires careful consideration of various factors such as zoning regulations, access to utilities, and potential hazards such as flood-prone areas. With proper research and planning, purchasing land in Belfast can prove to be a fruitful investment.

Symbolically speaking, just like the Waimakariri River flowing through Belfast brings life to the area’s natural surroundings; investing in land here can bring prosperity and growth opportunities to individuals and businesses alike. As long-term planning ensures sustainable development while protecting ecological values, one can rest assured that investing in this growing community is not only financially rewarding but also environmentally responsible.

Overall, Belfast offers a promising prospect for investors seeking profitable opportunities amidst scenic surroundings.